1. Apply online:

  • Click the “Apply now” button to fill in the online form.
  • To be guided through the application process, contact our toll-free Call Centre on 0800 233 733 or visit one of our application Walk-in Centres (see below).
  • Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an SMS with your Unique Investor Number (KS#).

2. Submit documentation:

  • View the document checklist below.
  • Submit your documents: online, via email or at one of our Walk-in Centres.

3. Await validation:

  • This will take around 72 hours.
  • Should there be a problem with your documentation, you will be contacted.
  • Once your documents are validated, you will receive an SMS referencing your KS# prompting you to make payment.

4. Complete payment

  • Payment can be made via EFT or direct bank deposit.
  • Banking details:
    Account holder: Barloworld Khula Sizwe
    Account number: 1144961408
    Account type: Current account
    Bank: Nedbank
    Branch code: 198765
  • Reference: The unique investor number SMSed to you on submission of your Application Form KS#.

Visit and click APPLY NOW

Step 1: Select your Applicant Type

Step 2: Correctly enter your Mobile Number
For example: 0995551212
Note: Country Code defaults to South Africa, but we can
accept international mobile numbers

Your email address is optional, but it’s a good idea to provide if you have one

Step 3: Enter your First and Last Name
Note: as per your FICA supporting documents of ID and
Proof of Address

Step 4: Create your private Password
Example only: P@ssW0rd$
And confirm by re-entering your password a second time, note: must be 8 characters, contain at least one upper case, lower case, number and special character

Step 5: Click Next to get your KS Number (Unique Investor Number)

You will then receive an OTP to verify your mobile number provided. Next Step: OTP Validation

A One-Time-Pin will be sent to your mobile to validate your number when applying as well as each time you login to your profile. It is a 6-digit unique string.
Example SMS only:

Step 1: Enter Your OTP Received
Note: it may take 1-2 minutes to receive your OTP depending on your mobile service provider. An OTP is valid for 5 minutes

Step 2: Click Submit to validate your mobile number and proceed to login

Next Step: How to Login

1. Ensure your mobile number provided is correct. If not, click the Back button to correct your mobile number

2. Click Resend OTP
A second OTP will be sent to your mobile, the first OTP if received is now cancelled and you will get an error if you try to use it. You must use the second OTP
Note: wait at least 3 minutes before choosing this option as there may be a delay from your original OTP being received. OTPs are valid for 5 minutes

You cannot resend an OTP more than once in 10 mins

Visit and click LOGIN

You will receive a SMS with your KS Number (unique Investor Number). It is a 9 character code starting with KS (example only: KS0000000)

Step 1: Enter you Investor Number (KS Number from SMS)

Step 2: Enter the Password you created on the Apply Now screen
Note: Only you have access to this password, we do not save or keep record of any user passwords for security

Next Step: 1) Complete My Details
Ensure all mandatory fields are completed and submit
2) Accept All Legal Undertakings
Tick that you have read, understood and agree to proceed
3) Complete Banking Details
Provide your South African bank account details
4) My Documents
Upload all required supporting documents for verification, once all are uploaded Submit Documents for verification
Note: review and verification can take up to three business days from submission

Visit and click LOGIN

If you enter an incorrect password, you will receive this error message

From the Login screen:
1. Click the Forgot Password Link

2. Enter your Investor (KS Number from SMS) and Mobile number to reset your password

3. Click Request Password Reset

4. Enter a New Password and Confirm
Note: It’s important to be able to recall your password as we do not save any user passwords for security

5. Enter the OTP you received
For security this will ensure only you are able to change your password

Visit and click LOGIN
From the Login screen, you need to enter your Investor Number (KS Number SMS’ed to you when you registered)

We cannot accept your ID number, your name, email or mobile number to login
Example error message:

1. If you cannot find your unique KS Number you can click the Forgot Investor Number link

2. Enter your ID Number

3. Click Send Investor Number

4. Your KS Number will be sent to you via SMS

Documents checklist

  • South African ID
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of banking details
  • Copy of birth certificate or South African ID
  • Proof of address (or a declaration that the minor shares the same address as the guardian)
  • Proof of banking details in the minor’s name
  • Copy of South African ID of guardian
  • Proof of address of guardian
  • Company registration documents
  • South African ID document for all the directors/members
  • Proof of banking details
  • Proof of address
  • An affidavit confirming the black ownership percentage of the group
  • Supporting documents for the black ownership
  • Company registration documents
  • South African ID document for all the directors/members
  • Proof of banking details
  • Proof of address
  • BEE Ownership Certificate for group
  • South African ID document for all the members of the group
  • Proof of banking details
  • Proof of address
  • BEE Ownership Certificat or an affidavit confirming the black ownership percentage of the group

Once paid, Barloworld Khula Sizwe will inform you of your allocation of shares (if any) by 31 July 2019.

If you have been allocated only a portion of the shares you applied for, you will be refunded the excess by 31 August 2019.

Need help?

Contact our Call Centre to be guided through the application process:
0800 233 733 /

Operating hours: 09:00 – 17:00

Or you can visit one of our dedicated walk-in centres:

Operating hours: 8h30 – 17h30

Velocity Trade Cape Town:
200-on-Main, Main Road, Claremont, Cape Town

Velocity Trade Johannesburg:
Corner Office Park, 2 Payne Road, Bryanston, Johannesburg